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Pro-Life Poll

At National Review Online, Dorinda Bordlee responded to a recent Gallup poll that only 41% of Americans self identify as “pro-choice.”

After nearly 40 years of Roe, we seem to be in the midst of a sea change.

A victory lap is well deserved, even as pro-life advocates pant from exhaustion in trying to hold the line against attempted advances of the Planned Parenthood abortion agenda to infiltrate our private insurance premiums, our health-care system, and even our religious organizations. It seems that this overreach has awakened a sleeping giant.

But an honest and strategic assessment must also consider a myriad of outside forces that seem to have unwittingly united with our directed efforts in order to form the swelling waves of this sea change. A few immediately come to mind. First is the existence of millions of women who sadly learned the hard way about what abortion does to one’s body, mind, and relationships. Another is the life-affirming sensitivities of a generation of young people who know they could have been legally aborted. And last, but certainly not least, is a generation of men who are not even consciously aware that legalized abortion has robbed them of the meaning of manhood — the privilege of protecting, providing for, and making a gift of themselves to the women and children that they could be loving instead of using and discarding.

As we rejoice in the Gallup poll’s sign of hope, let us redouble our efforts in a way that can effectively harness the power of the outside forces that exist because of the fallout from a legally sanctioned culture of death.

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